¨The Galway Girl¨: Ireland, Sept 2- Sept 16

Well, my solo adventure would not yet begin, as I met Susie, one of the sweetest girls Ive ever met, at my hostel in Dublin. Susie was from DC, but emigrated from China when she was 12, so not yet completely immersed in American culture, which could have something to do with her sweetness. In the same hostel, I met Marike, a lovely German girl of 20 who like to roll her own tobacco. So, an Asian, a Jew and a German walked into a bar… Actually, the 3 of us would walk into several Irish bars over the course of the next week, until Marike had to leave us and return to her native Germany. But Susie and I werent alone for long as we soon met Jen, a brilliant musician from Buffalo, NY, and the three of us would decide to continue our travels together through the great Emerald Isle. First stop, Galway. Remember the movie, ¨PS I Love You¨?. Well much of that took place in this beautiful city of Galway, located on the west coast of Ireland. And it was just as beautiful as it was in the movie. While there, we saw the Cliffs of Mohar, featured in ¨The Princess Bride¨, saw lots of cows and sheep, watched more traditional Irish dancing, and most exciting of all, I rode a Rickshaw. Not in the back as a passenger..I actually drove it, somehow managing not to mow over any innocent pedestrians, yet perpetuating the stereotype of the loud, obnoxious American tourist. Nonetheless, we had the craic! (Thatś Irish speak for ´fun´). During our week in Galway, we became regulars at a bar called the Quay. We returned to the Quay mainly for the atmosphere as well as the band. One night after the pub closed, the band invited us and a few people back to their flat. We agreed and the next thing I knew, we were sitting in the back of a van, the back door shutting behind us. Ok, this should be interesting, we thought. And it was a great night. We spent the night jamming on the guitar and discussing music. At one point, the guitaristś flatmate gave Jen a tour of the ¨greenhouse¨, where apparently he was growing his own special kind of greens. Ok, dont wanna know about that, thank you. At about 3 am, we finally left the house of green leaves and headed back to our hostel, but not before stopping at Supermacś (Irelandś McDonalds), in front of which about 300 drunken Irish teenagers gathered . Guess they were hungry too. The next day we left Galway and headed to the southeast of Ireland to the city of Cork, where we would spend a few days before heading back to our homebase of Dublin, which was exactly as we left it. Ah, Ireland. I could live here….if only it had a roof.


One Response to “¨The Galway Girl¨: Ireland, Sept 2- Sept 16”

  1. Jason Says:

    sadly enough, mcd's saved me many times during my travels because it was the only thing open at late hours.

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