Allison Maria Barcelona

So, my last night in London, after seeing Romeo and Juliet at the Globe, I met up with Andreas. We walked through Holland Park and went to Knotting Hill, where we saw a street fight! Just like in Bridget Jones’ Diary! I then called it an early night, went to sleep and flew to Barcelona in the morning. And here I am. I love Barcelona!! Our first night here we decided to stay in at the hostel where we’re staying and play drinking games with our store bought vodka (Yes, I am officially 21 again!). We then went out to Club Boulevard and danced to 80ś music until 4 in the morning! Then next day we hit the beach, where we experienced our most adventurous adventure thus far… we went topless! Apparently people don’t like to wear clothes here. Lots of naked people walking around. Its kind of strange, but I love the lack of inhibition here. After the beach, we hopped on the train to head back to town, and on our way, we noticed a sign for the U2 concert playing that very night at Camp Nou. The show was at 8 and it was about 8:15 when we noticed it, but we said, f it and got off the train at what looked light the right area where the arena was, found the stadium, bought 2 tix off a scalper and rocked it out with U2!!! In Barcelona!!! On the first night of their international tour!! Then today we hit the beach again and had a fabulous time (kept our tops on this time!) Tonight is our last night here then off to Madrid en la manana. Adios para ahora!


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