Weekend in London

So I arrived in London around noon- no drama at customs…kept my big mouth shut this time! – and checked into the MacDonald B & B. Wow, I was spoiled in Guernsey. The Macdonald is what you would call a ‘good value hotel’. My room is about the size of a prison cell- a small one- and the shower and toilet are on a separate floor. Upon seeing the shower I was suddenly grateful for bringing my flipflops. When I arrived at the hotel there was a message waiting for me from my London friend Andreas to tell me he secured tickets to that evening’s performance of ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ at the Open Air Theater in Regent’s Park. Yay! The theater reminded me very much of the Delacorte in Central Park- it was beautiful. So, we were lucky enough to have perfect weather all day right up until about mid-way through the show when, in typical London fashion, it began to rain- hard. But I was prepared. I had my hat (as always), my Northface raincoat, and, courtesy of Frank the friendly MacDonald Hotel Concierge, an umbrella to boot. So it rained for about 20 minutes during the show and then quickly cleared up. (I hear it does that alot here). The show went on and it was wonderful! After the show, Andreas and I went bar-hopping, though niether of us drink (ok, He doesn’t drink, and I abstained this night), so we went to a few cafes, a tapas bar, and a pub and had cappucinos, tapas and mineral water (in that order), and talked and talked and talked.. until 3am. Love that!
The next morning I woke up early and had a lovely traditional English Breakfast and headed off to Leicester Square to score tix for Hamlet with Jude Law- I stood in line for 2 hours and did not get tickets. But, no worries… I got my second choice- Romeo and Juliet at the Globe Theater! 5 pounds! (Of course it rained during the 2nd act!) but it was beautiful!! Out to dinner tonight and off to Barcelona in the am. Can’t wait!


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