Guernsey- WEEK 2

Do I volunteered to work today, Sunday, and instead take this Friday off. Then, I will go to Herm. So, during my afternoon break, I took the foot path the Petit Bot (pronounced ‘pettybow’, not petite boat), a small, beautiful little beach about 5 minutes from the sanctuary. It’s Sunday so the beach is crowded- meaning there are more than 10 people on it. People are kayaking, scuba diving, sunning, children and fathers playing ball on the sand… The seagulls remind me of the Jersey shore, but the white sandy beach and clear blue sky reminds me that I am on the coast of the English Channel.I think I see France in the distance.

After finishing up the remained of my 3 ounce, tsa approved tube of 30 SPF sunscreen- and still managing to get burned- I pack it in and head back. Its almost 4pm and the animals await. After work I make dinner in Martha’s kitchen, where I officially meet her new lodger, a dashing Englishman from Manchester. Hm. More about him later. I then turn in early and get ready for another lovely day at the animal farm 🙂


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