Disaster at the Farm

So, I turned in early last night as I’ve been doing most nights since Maria left.. Saving money and resting up for my travel adventures to come. Plus this farm stuff is exhausting. When I woke up this morning, I strolled outside, eager to see the animals once again. It was another perfect, cloudless day and I was in a jolly mood. As I came upon the farm, I noticed Sue (the owner), who I greeted with a big smile and a jolly “good morning!”. Sue did not return my smile nor my “good morning”. “You have no idea what happened last night, do you?”, she asked, “You slept through the whole bloody thing, didn’t you?” What was she talking about? What happened?  “What are you talking about? What happened?”, I ask. “At about half past nine, we received a phone call that 4 of the deer had escaped. One of them was in a neighbor’s swimming pool, and the others were roaming the streets. We were up until 1:30 this morning trying to get them back, and we had the sheriff standing over us with a rifle the whole time, waiting to shoot them if we weren’t successful. We finally retreived them, but one of them was wounded, as there was blood all over the van, and Viv almost got into a car accident driving home”. “How did the deer get out?”, I ask. “Someone left the front gate open. I don’t know who. You never use that gate, right?”, she asks. “No, never. I didn’t even know there was a front gate” I reply. Or did I? Oh no! Wait. Let me think. I did go through the front door of the house yesterday when I left for town, but did I go through a gate? I can’t remember. Oh my goodness, was it me?? I replay the event over and over again in my head. Did I go thru a gate? If I did, did I shut it? Oh god, what if it was me? I almost got 4 deer killed? And Viv! Poor deer! I wonder if they all think its me. After all there was the incident with the lamb and the goat. And the little dog that escaped yesterday and almost ate the rabbit. Oh, and the duckling that got out the other day. But those were all accidents and everything turned out fine. Oh gosh, they probably do think its me! I’m starting to think it was me.. even though I’m 95% sure I never used that gate. Oh well, only 1 more day to go and then the animals will be free of me. Finally, later in the day, I remember that one of the dog walkers came by late last evening to walk the dogs. She arrived just as I was leaving. I remember she went thru the front which means she probably came back in thru the front. Also, I learned there was someone doing gardening work there all day and night. So, it could have been either of them. In fact, I’m positive now that I did not go thru the gate. Ah! Relief washes over me! I feel much better. Only one more day of work at the farm left, which will hopefully pass without incident. We shall see.. Poor animals!


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