Guernsey: New Arrivals

Sue went to the UK last night and picked up several new rescues. She came back today with 8 new Chinchillas, 5 new dogs and 2 of the most precious puppies I have ever met. Pictures to come. After morning feedings, I strolled down to Petit Bot beach for some more sun. (I bought more sunscreen). After I finished afternoon feedings, I once again headed to Martha’s house to make dinner for myself, where who do I run into, but the dashing English chap from Manchester. “Mm, something smells good”, he says, walking into the kitchen as he smells the delicious aroma of my sauteed veggies cooking away. “Oh, its just veggies and potatoes with some spices. I’m sure it smells better than it tastes”, I reply, shrinking violet that I am. “Oh no, I’m sure it will be wonderful”, Mr Manchester says. “Would you like some?”, I ask. “Oh no, thanks, I’m going out to dinner. How do I look? Does my shirt need ironing or does it look okay?” he asks me. “Oh no, it looks good!”, I reply, a little too enthusiastically. Dashing dude leaves to take his children. ages 18 and 21, out for dinner, as they are visiting for the weekend. (They live in Bath with their mother, I learn). Until next time dashing dude…


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