Weekend at Guernsey’s

So, today, Saturday, is my day off. I slept in late, which was very nice, then headed into town, found the internet cafe and talked to mom on skype. Mom, you’re so tech savvy. So, what shall I do for the rest of the day? Go to France? Go to one of the local islands? Well, the weather looks iffy and its a bit chilly so I decide to skip the island for today. Instead I take a guided tour through Victor Hugo’s house. I was the only one to show up for the English version of the tour, so I had my own personal guide! Brilliant! (they like to say brilliant a lot here). The house was gorgeous! (that’s another one they say a lot). 5 floors, overlooking the garden and the sea, with a perfect view of the surrounding islands and the Castle Cornet. On a good day, I was told, you could see the coast of France. I asked if I could take pictures and was told it was fine as long as there was no flash. Well, if you’ve been following, you’ll remember I didn’t know how to use my camera when I left. I still don’t. So, the flash went off and I got in trouble. No worries, though, my private tour guide fixed the settings on my camera and turned it off. So I took some great pictures that I will post very soon. Only problem is now, how to turn the flash back on?! On the way to the house, I got lost. Surprise! The entire island is tiny but of course I manage to get lost. So I stopped a nice lady walking down the street and asked her where Victor Hugo’s house was, and she not only told me where to go, she walked me there! See, that’s what I love about Guernsey. I also love that there is almost zero percent crime rate, the people never lock their doors at night, and they have veg hedges here. A veg hedge is a little box that people who grow their own veggies or fruits put out in front of their house, along with an ‘honesty box’, where people leave the money! Now, how long do you think that idea would last in NYC? Or anywhere, for that matter? Only in Guernsey…


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