Day 2 at the animal farm

Today was a pretty easy day of work compared to yesterday. We are starting to get the hang of things and will soon be running this joint! We started at 8:30am again and were done by 12pm! We then headed into town where we were able to do some shopping, worked again from 4-6, then back into town again! We went to a lovely restaurant overlooking the port where we had traditional fish and chips,(I normally wouldn’t eat anything fried, but when in Guernsey…), shared a bottle of Pinot Noir, from which Maria and I got adequately buzzed, and then headed to a food store to buy chocolate. We then snuck our chocolate contraband into a cafe where we had cappucinos and Gache Melee, a traditional Guernsey dessert made of apple cake topped with ice cream. It was delish! Then we took a cab back to the farmhouse where we stumbled through the gates in the pitch dark, in our heels, Carrie and Samantha style (ok, yes I did bring one pair of heels with me in my backpack but I promise you they are not very high, just a couple inches- a girl needs her shoes!) and called it a night!


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