There’s No Place Like Guernsey

Well, today was our first official day of work at the sanctuary. Up and out at 8:30am to feed the pigs, bunnies, deer, goats (one of which headbutted me after I brought him his food.. I think he was telling me to get lost). One of the little dogs jumped up on me and scratched me, giving me a little scar on my left arm that will match the one on my right arm from Greta Garbo (the drag cat that I had for one month last summer). One of the goats jumped up on me (not the one that headbutted me, the other one), and left a little scratch on my chest. One of the birds bit my finger, but at least it didn’t tell me to F off (see previous post). Other than that, I made it through my first day pretty much in one piece. My favorite part of the day though was scooping up the horse poo- how’s that for the glamourous life! Maria and I had a little break in between our shifts and went for a walk down to the coast- how beautiful! Along the way, we met a nice Scottish fellow who informed us of all the happenin night spots in Guernsey (didn’t know there were any), so we added that to our agenda for the week. Later, when we got back to the farm for the afternoon feeding (of the animals, not us), Sue, the sanctuary owner, informed us we had a phone call. Who would be calling us?? It was some lad looking for the two American girls. Huh? Turns out it was the Scottish fellow- guess he saw us going into the sanctuary, looked it up, and gave us a rang, to let us know that he will be working at the Sylvan Futbol Club that evening if we want to stop by. Ok, a little creepy. Or maybe stalking is normal in Guernsey? Who knows. Yes, I did see the movie ‘Taken’, and yes, we are being very careful and not telling anyone where we are staying. Didn’t know the lad would follow us! Honestly, I think the people here are just so friendly, and the thought of hurting anyone would never cross their minds. That might sound naive, but you just have to be here. There’s just something about Guernsey. They do things a little differently here. I love it.


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