Animal Farm

Well, the 7am run didn’t quite happen. It was rainy and cold outside, as it is most mornings here unfortunately, so we slept an extra hour, then had a nice breakfast and our orientation where we finally met the animals! I’m not sure I can remember all of their names yet, but I’ll try. So, there is a beautiful white horse named Ghost, two little Shetland ponies, one of them with a mask over his face because he was so badly tortured and burned in Sri Lanka from where he was rescued. Sue, the sanctuary owner, said that she spent 5 years sitting outside of his stable each night, reading to him from novels, until he eventually became less afraid of her and less timid of people. He is now doing pretty great. There are also 3 big, black pigs named Rosie, Jack and I can’t remember the third. There are 8 ferrets, several rabbits, a couple of giant ones called papillions, many birds, a whole bunch of dogs and puppies, including a precious black dog named Daisy who just gave birth to two puppies about a week ago!  There’s a big lamb named, appropriately, ‘Lamby’, two very friendly goats, a few deer that you can pet gently, beautiful chinchillas, and whole bunch of little chipmunks. Turns out chipmunks are actually quite small – not at all like Alvin and Simon. The sanctuary itself is absolutely idyllic, with little ponds all around and lots of flowers and trees, and separate areas for all of the different animals.
  Maria and I were given the weekend off, so we decided to go into town, which is St. Peter’s Port, the happening spot on the isle of Guernsey. We spent the day shopping, walking down quaint, cobblestone streets, drinking decadent wine and eating amazing Italian food. After dinner, we went to ‘The terrace’, a bar set on, yes you guessed it, a terrace, overlooking the harbor and all of the boats. At close to 11pm, we decided to call it a night and we took a taxi home, as the buses stop running at 7pm here in Guernsey. It was a lovely fun-filled day, free of drama. Tomorrow, we will run along the coast, go back into town for more shopping and internet access, since there is none at the farm, and then in the afternoon, we will report for our first day of work. I can’t wait!


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