T-Minus 18 days…

Is this thing on?? Testing…. This whole ‘blog’ thing is new to me. The idea of keeping a public journal is a little daunting, but I guess this is what the world has come to. Or at least technology. And I’m trying to keep up. So here I am. Writing in my blog. Look at me.. woo hoo. Anyway, the whole purpose of this blog thing is to record my journey through Europe this summer. Of course I plan to keep an old school, written journal as well. But here, I will keep you- the reader- updated on my whereabouts, my adventures, and of course will post lots of pictures that I plan to take (once I figure out how to work my camera).
So, what does one write in a blog? Is it like a journal? Am I supposed to write about my feelings? Ok, um, I’m really excited for my trip. Only 2 1/2 weeks left before I leave. Yay. I pretended to pack my bag today. Yes, ‘bag’ singular. I’m taking one backpack, that, as I just learned, measures precisely 22″ x 11 ” which I am hoping and praying will be acceptable as carry-on, on all my flights. Oh, I will be flying throughout the continent, rather than training it. Those who are close to me know of my debilitating fear of flying, and are probably shocked at my choice of transportation, but as I’m sure you know, flights within Europe are ridiculously cheap, and being on a budget, it only makes sense (plus I’m bringing lots of drugs to knock me out so not to worry).
So, here are my plans thus far:
June 10: Flying into London
June 12-26: Volunteering at the Guernsey Animal Aid Rescue Sanctuary, rescuing little furry creatures
June 27: Fly back to London, theater, etc.
June 29th: Fly to Barcelona
July 2- Fly to Madrid
July 3- 10: Participating in Pueblo Ingles, an English Immersion program in Andalucia, south of Spain, helping the locals perfect their conversational English
July 12: Fly to Milan, drive to Tuscany, Umbria
July 12-17: Umbria, Italy, winetasting, swimming, relaxing, etc..
July 17-20: Organic Farmstay in Abruzzo, yoga, horseback riding, hiking..
July 20-August: Italy ?
August ? :Greek Islands
August? : Ireland
Planning is to be continued. I’ll keep you posted!

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